Tuesday, 27 September 2011

End of Season

Well, I’ve failed to keep the blog up to date. Sad smile we had our last sail on the weekend, we stayed in the harbour just going down to Sparkes Marina and spent a night there. We had a great sail back up the Emsworth channel, only to be greeted by two powerboats weaving around the moorings.

My 8 year old son was at the helm, and I shouted at them to slow down.. BIG mistake, the lead boat came over, helm angry at me for shouting at him and wanting a fight.. not really civilised adult behaviour. I ignored him, as he was alongside and he shot off under the bridge and carved around in Langstone with his mate. While we were putting things away they came back and went into the marina where we launch the tender from.

We ended up getting the harbour patrol out to have a word with them, as I wasn’t comfortable with putting the children in the tender with the possibility that these guys doing would do something silly.

I find it really sad that people like this want to ruin things for others, Chichester harbour is a beautiful peaceful place, quite often we see guys out fishing in canoes, and others sailing or kayaking around, and behaviour like is so unnecessary. And the vast majority of other power boaters stick to the rules!

On the positive side, my son steered the boat onto the mooring, fantastic! And he got the boat doing 6knots on the way back to the mooring.

Its been a great first season, the boat has lived up to expectations, I have a list of jobs of things to tweak and improve over the winter, but that's part of the fun of it to me.

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