Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Winter Jobs

I've been working on a few jobs, and compiling lists of things that need doing. This is our first winter with the "new" boat, so a long list of wants and needs have been accruing, from refitting the galley to sorting the electrics, lazy jacks, painting and varnishing... The list seems to be a movable feast..

I spent a productive day on the boat a few weeks ago, which included removing the rudder and stock, and I was not happy with the bottom bracket, as the bracket was stainless steel, and the rudder stock is aluminium. I decided to strip the rudder right down, and was glad I did, as the galvanic corrosion on the bottom of the stock was quite bad.

I'm now in a quandary, should I replace the aluminium on the stock, or look at getting it repaired? I'm going to get some prices to make up some stainless steel pieces, but I think I may have to sit down when the prices come!

Other than the rudder, I have a few jobs on the go:

1, Updating the electrics, and making a console for the various bits and pieces to be mounted in.
2, Adding Shorepower.
3, Making bags for storing ropes and other items in the cockpit locker, to make organisation easier; it always feels like a battle to find the thing you want in it!
4, Updating the floursent lighting, and replacing them with LEDs

I'm also looking at replacing the chart table and the table in the saloon, with a unit that will do both jobs.

My list seems to be growing.. hopefully at somepoint it will start to shrink :-)

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